Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More guest host ... Edgars Eggbox

Edgar Wright Myspace

It is my great pleasure and honour to announce that I've been asked to guest present Jonesy's Jukebox this Tuesday on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles.
Will have my choice of tunes and guests - and it promises to be a right royal hoot.
Can't wait.
Be there from 12-2pm, Tuesday the 6th, 2007.

+ Diablo Cody blog ( Thanks commenter i havent listened to the start yet )
+ Borat
+ Jonah Hill

If there are other shows after this one i think we have found a new limit of what you can do
on radio as long as you say it with an accent. They may have to have a few hundred dump buttons for knoxville tomorrow.
Very Very funny

( if you want a copy i can post one. It will be tomorrow before i get around to doing this though . leave a comment)

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Nicole said...

and Diablo Cody!